Elite Wellness, Elite Wellness Altamonte / Tribe – CrossFit

Push Press (Build to a 10RM)

*Most folks should be aiming between 65-75% of 1RM depending on how comfy you are with the movement

Metcon (Calories)

AMRAP :23sec x 3:

Echo Bike For Calories
*Complete a set every 4min

*Log total calories

Metcon (No Measure)


1)4 Rounds-

100m Farmers Carry (AHAP)

400m Run

40ft HS Walk

2)AMRAP 4 x 5-

500/450m Ski

-then AMRAP in remaining time:

6 DB Bench (70/50)

4 Pullovers

*Rest 4min between AMRAPs

3)EMOM 24 Minutes-

1- :45sec Backward Sled Drag

2- Rest

3- :45sec Sandbag Hold

4- Rest

4)2-4 Sets-

10-20 Paralette Push Ups