Elite Wellness – CrossFit

Clean (7×2)

*All sets at 85%

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Optional: if time

3xMAX Hollow Rocks
*Rest 2min between sets

Metcon (No Measure)

“AFTER PARTY”- Complete 0-4 of the following:

1)For Completion

Accumulate 400m of Backward sled Drag (light load)

Accumulate 2:00 of External Ring Plank Hold

2)For Completion

Accumulate 3 easy sets of strict Muscle Ups (1-3 Reps)


EMOM 10 Minutes

3-6 Kipping Muscle Ups

3)AMRAP 24 Minutes

Run 400m

Walk 200m

4)AMRAP 2 Minutes x 4

20 Sandbag Squats 100/70lbs

15 Toes to Bar

Max Bar Facing Burpees in remaining time

Rest 1:00

5)AMRAP 18 Minutes

500m C2 Bike

25′ Handstand Walk