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CrossFit is a training program designed to get you fit for life. It is the best of various fitness disciplines and multiple Olympic sports (e.g., high-intensity interval training, cardio, calisthenics, rowing, weightlifting, and gymnastics). CrossFit is personal training in a group setting. Workouts are different everyday; intense; but tailored to each individual’s fitness level. CrossFit is a community; it is camaraderie and accountability; it provides the motivation and support necessary to get better every day. Regardless if you are a stay-at-home mom, nine-to-five desk jockey, grandparent, or elite-level athlete, CrossFit will help you to lead a more active, balanced life.

FIT is a training program designed to simply get you moving. In FIT, we spend 12-15 minutes focusing on controlled, methodical, strength-based exercises, and then progress to 25-30 minutes of moderate-to-high intensity, conditioning. The movements are simple, yet effective, and the workouts are different every day; similar to CrossFit, each workout is tailored to the individuals’ fitness level.

Krav Maga for self-defense is the most effective real-world system taught today. Originally developed for protection in the Bratislava ghetto, it was later refined and embraced by Israel Defense Forces. Today, it is the preferred system for law enforcement agencies and U.S. military units.